Strict Extreme Sling and Stand Kit

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Secured to hardy metal crossbars up top, built-in rings connect to included chains and carabiners suspending a luxury leather lined sling padded for ultimate comfort. Hardy stirrups clip to the straps- they’ll support the legs in a number of accommodating (to a partner) positions, plus, there’s lots of room for gripping and grabbing

The Extreme Sling is compatible with many standard sex swings and slings that might normally require a ceiling mount. Check manufacturer instructions first and always follow safety recommendations. Includes stand, 4 chains, 8 spring snap clips, sling, and 2 removable stirrups. 4 rings are welded to the stand, as well.



*Assembled stand is approximately 82 inches (208cm) tall with a footprint of 85 x 58 inches (215.9 x 147.3cm)  at the base. Sling is 38 inches (96cm) in length, 21 inches (53cm) in width.


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