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Delay Spray

$37.99 $29.99 Discount : 21%

A super-effective male enhancing spray containing fast-acting FDA approved ingredients, Screaming O’s Dynamo Delay helps stave off orgasm by gently numbing the penis. To use, apply 3 or more sprays (no more than 10) to the head and shaft before sex or foreplay. Allow to dry before contact with a playmate. Contains .5 floz (15ml).


Flavored Body Glide in Tropical Fruit

$24.99 $18.00 Discount : 28%

Stay Wet longer to help make a good thing even better. Wet Fun Flavor 4-In-1 Body Glide formulas add lots of extra sensation to playtime; they gently warm up with motion, making them perfect for massage and skin to skin contact. Fruity flavor which is completely harmless if ingested, so you up the pleasure potential for both of you during oral sex. Of course, your Wet Fun Flavor can be used as a traditional sex lube as well, helping you enhance sensation and make your love session last longer. To get the most out of your 4-In-One, run the bottle under warm water to heat it even before contact. All Wet lubes are formulated according to the highest industry standards. Wet Fun Flavor is latex and condom safe, and washes off with warm soapy water. Bottle contains 4oz/121ml.


Liquid Sex Desensitizing Cream for Men 2oz/56g

$21.99 $12.00 Discount : 45%
A silky textured potion from the Liquid Sex collection, super smooth Desensitizing Cream contains a small amount of numbing agent, helping to prevent over stimulation and a too-fast finish. To use, massage a small amount into the head and shaft of the penis pre-play. Allow to absorb completely before contact with a partner.

Liquid Sex Numbing Gel Anal Spray 4oz/118ml

$17.99 $14.00 Discount : 22%

A perfect pairing with a favorite lubricant, Liquid Sex Numbing Gel Anal Spray contains a mild numbing agent that helps relax the anal muscles, making backdoor penetration more comfortable and ultimately pleasurable.

To use, clean the anal area and gently dry before application. The effects are immediate. Please read directions before use.


Liquid Sex Tightening Cream for Women 2oz/56g

$21.99 $15.00 Discount : 32%

A silky cream created to enhance vaginal elasticity, Tightening Cream can help reverse the effects of age, childbirth and hormonal changes on the inner embrace. Apply a small amount to the tip of a finger, insert into the vagina, and massage thoroughly into the skin.


Loadz Cum Load Unscented Water Based Lube in 8oz/236ml

$34.99 $25.00 Discount : 29%
Maybe you’ve just splurged on a super-realistic dildo or masturbator that squirts on command, or maybe you just really love the feel of the real deal. Either way, Loadz Cum Load delivers! This slippery white lube packs lots of lifelike creaminess, and it can be used just as effectively and widely as any great water based formula.

Safe for all toy materials, condoms and skin-to-skin contact, Cum Load is long lasting, unscented, and (unlike the real thing!), rinses off skin and fabric with just a splash of water. Heat up the bottle in some warm water before playtime for even more of a real-thing effect!


Mood Lube 5 Pack

$29.99 $20.00 Discount : 33%

Perfect for your entire sex toy collection, each bottle can be used for different types of play and sensual experiences, the Mood Lube collection allows you to experiment with the many sensations of light and silky lubricants to find out which is your favorite. Including a small portable pouch, the whole kit is both easy to store and great for travel.


Mood Pleasure for Her

$29.99 $20.00 Discount : 33%

Lick, drip, rub, plump and explore with Doc Johnson’s Mood Pleasure for Her kit, a five piece sampler pack of stimulating liquids designed specifically to suit her moods and desired pleasures, be it during solo or shared play.

To start, this kit includes a delectable, berry flavored nipple gel, the Nipple Lick’ems, a tasty topical agent designed to stimulate the nipples and offer your lover an even sweeter treat than usual, comprised of an edible water-based formula that is non-staining and sugar-free. Following in tow is a stimulating clit gel with a similar effect; the Clit Gel is to be applied directly to the clitoris prior to foreplay or masturbation, and attracts bloodflow to the sensitive pleasure pea within a few minutes in order to enlarge and arouse it for easier and certainly more pleasurable stimulation.

Working further down the body, the next tube is a specially formulated G-Spot Gel that offers internal bliss of the best kind, arousing the g-spot with its awakening ingredients that also engorge the entire g-spot area for easier stimulation. To apply, you must insert this gel with a finger or two to ensure the best precision, coating the g-spot area in its sensitizing richness for optimal pleasure during intercourse and solo play. Similarly, the Vaginal Tightening Gel also works within the vaginal canal, this time creating an overall tighter feeling for her during penetration, allowing for stronger sensations and intimacy during sex. The final tube in this pleasure kit contains a watermelon flavored gel that can be poured over your lover for delicious love-making, body-wide, whether you decide to slowly release drops in strategic places, or get messy with a more carnal approach, your lover will be aching in desire as you kiss and lick it off.


Naturals Body Glide 3oz/98ml in Sensual Strawberry

$24.99 $18.00 Discount : 28%

Formulated especially for a woman, Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry is a delicious water-based lubricant and moisturizer thats made to last as long as you. With vitamins, antioxidants and soothing botanicals with no glycerin or paraben, this lubricant is ph balanced for her. Contains 3oz/98ml.


Platinum Silicone Lubricant in 3oz/91.7ml

$31.99 $19.99 Discount : 38%

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant is an amazingly long lasting body glide gel that is guaranteed to never become sticky. It stays wet to provide long lasting, silky smooth lubrication that lasts your whole playtime with no need for re-application. Because it’s silicone based, this lube can be used in and under water, and it’s not only safe to use with leather and latex products, it can also revitalize these materials. Should not be used with silicone toys. Bottle contains 3oz/91.7ml.

  • Guaranteed never sticky
  • Long lasting
  • Silky smooth
  • Extra concentrated
  • Latex friendly



Sex Positions Bath Bomb

$15.00 $10.00 Discount : 33.3%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

A fizzy, sweetly scented bath bomb from Kheper Games, this tub-side ups the pleasure ante of bath time as it softens skin and aromatically arouses the senses. Hidden in each bomb are three little waterproof tags, each depicting a sex position. Indulge in a little foreplay as the bomb diffuses, then seek out the tags and copy the position. Assorted scents.