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Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb

$20.99 $13.00 Discount : 38%

A sweetly scented Bath Bomb from Kheper Games, this aromatic tub-side ups the pleasure ante of bath time as it softens skin and arouses the senses. Hidden inside, revealed when the Bomb has effervesced, a cheeky little mystery waits to be discovered. Indulge in a little foreplay as the bomb diffuses, then hunt down the secret toy and enjoy.


Santa’s Secret Sex Position Coupons

$19.99 $10.00 Discount : 50%

Say, looks like Santa’s gone a little sexy this year! Perfect for holiday doings in and out of the bedroom (but mostly in), this cheeky little booklet contains coupons inspired by certain naughty positions. Slip a ‘The Wise Man’ into her stocking to let her know of things to come, or hide a ‘Carol oh His Balls’ under a pillow. Each coupon features an illustrated position plus spaces for To, From, Date Given, Date Redeemed and Notes. Happy holidays folks!


My Sexy Mailbox

$54.99 $42.00 Discount : 24%

A playful, ultra creative way for lovers to invite a mate to night (or day) of passion and Pleasure, My Sexy Mailbox contains 13 gorgeously printed cards complete with an equal number of bright red envelopes.

Contained inside a sturdy mailbox tin, the cards can be personalized as desired- add some details to printed messages like ‘Want to get a little kinky’ and ‘I’m going to be a very bad girl tonight’. Place the card inside the box and flip up the ‘You’ve Got Love’ flag to signal oncoming good times.


Glow in the Dark Erotic Dice

$7.99 $5.00 Discount : 37%

For fun loving couples who don’t mind leaving a few things up to chance, the Erotic Dice are a must have. This sexy glow in the dark set of dice contains two pieces, once with sex centered actions on one, and body part on the other. Roll both, see where they land, and then follow the instructions for an unforgettable night.


Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets

$9.99 $6.00 Discount : 40%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

An open-ended invitation to a night (or daytime) of passion, the playful Whip, Bind & Scratch Tickets reveal eight possible bondage-inspired scenarios, from Naughty Nipple Nibbles to Sex Slavery.

Leave one beside a partner’s plate, on their side of the bed or in a drawer for them to find, or scratch the film together and take a gamble on what’s to come. Reveal 3 of the same symbols to win the corresponding action. How you choose to carry out things like Doggy Style on a Leach or Playful Whipping out is all up to you.


Sex Positions Bath Bomb

$15.00 $10.00 Discount : 33.3%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

A fizzy, sweetly scented bath bomb from Kheper Games, this tub-side ups the pleasure ante of bath time as it softens skin and aromatically arouses the senses. Hidden in each bomb are three little waterproof tags, each depicting a sex position. Indulge in a little foreplay as the bomb diffuses, then seek out the tags and copy the position. Assorted scents.


X Rated Coupon Booklet

$19.99 $9.99 Discount : 50%

The Hugs ‘n Kisses X Rated Couples Coupon Book is a handy little voucher book to be used against sexual favors. Some things that can be redeemed include ‘I’ll do a slow strip, you give me the tip!,’ ‘a getaway weekend at some sleazy x-rated motel,’ ‘an x-rated video of your choice’ and more. Something for each of you! Great idea for a bachelorette party gift, or just something to spice up your night.


The Oral Sex Adventures Card Game

$29.99 $19.99 Discount : 33%

Maybe you and a playmate are in need of a little inspiration when it comes to going down, or maybe you’re plenty inspired but on the prowl for some new techniques. In either case, The Oral Sex Card deck from always-sexy Kheper Games is here for you.

Calling itself ‘an experience of oral adventures’, these cards offer up 50 possibilities, 25 for her and another 25 for him. There are three actual games that can be played with the cards instructions included), or you can simply pick one at random and see where the night (or afternoon) goes from there.


Dope Dice Smoke, Vape or Edibles Party Game

$29.99 $19.99 Discount : 33%
While we certainly don’t condone doing anything illegal in the name of a good time, Dope Dice is perfect for any situation (state or province, too) where a little green is allowed. This simple game of dice will have players slit into two teams, roll the dice and carry out the weed-themed actions. For 2-15 players.