Silicone Remote PinPoint Pleaser P-Spot Vibe in Purple

$119.99 $65.00 Discount : 46%

Taking full advantage of zillions of anal-concentrated nerve endings and pleasure places, Cal’s Remote PinPoint Pleaser was designed specifically for effortless stimulation of the male g-spot.

Sexily curved and ultra smooth, the PinPoint naturally rests against the orgasmic prostate gland when inserted fully. Control three speeds of a rolling pleasure-bead in the tip and twelve separate functions of steady, pulsating ad escalating vibration using a handy little wireless remote OR a power button the vibe itself. Protecting against too-deep penetration while bumping and grinding alongside the perineum, a swollen base below can be rocked in hand or left to its own devices.

In 100% skin safe silicone (shaft) combined with firm ABS plastic (handle), the PinPoint is hypoallergenic, completely nonporous and virtually indestructible. Clean before and after use with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water based lubes only, avoid contact with silicone lubes, toys and products. Both remote and vibe are USB rechargeable. Double charge cord included. Waterproof.


PDX Elite Blowjob Power Pump

$149.99 $85.00 Discount : 43%

Combining a pair of soft clingy lips with stimulating suction, Pipedream Extreme’s Blowjob Power Pump offers effortless, over-the-top pleasure to seekers of spectacular solo (or shared) oral adventure.

Enclosed in a firm plastic cylinder, the Power Pump’s ready mouth sleeve invites lucky users into a the lengthy chamber. Activate two modes of sexy suction- steady and intermittent- with a push of the power button, release with the ‘S’.

Also included are three silicone cock rings sized to suit any experience level or constriction intention. Slip one (or more than one) over the base of the penis or base and balls to help maintain erection, or use one as a ball stretcher.

Clean-up is easy, the Power Pump’s TPR interior sleeve lifts out for a thorough rinse using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water based lube, like the included Moist sample. 2 AA batteries required (sold separately). Not recommended for use in water.

* The Elite Blowjob Power Pump is 10.5″ (27cm) in total length and 7.5″ (19.05cm) penetrable


Dr. Berman Lottie 10 Function Remote Panty Pleaser

$69.98 $45.00 Discount : 36%

A discreet vibrating treat treat from the always female-friendly Berman line of Intimate Basics, Lottie was thoughtfully designed to be worn secretively inside a favorite pair of panties.

Lottie’s petite, organically curvy body nestles perfectly against the clitoris and surrounding areas when positioned, but it can also be held in hand and maneuvered over, in and around sweet spots. Regardless, ten modes of vibrating, pulsating pleasure ensure a rhythm for every need. A tiny contoured remote features approximately 6m(19.5f feet) of range.

Extremely hygienic and easy to maintain, Lottie’s slick plastic surface won’t harbor bacterial and wipes clean in a snap. Compatible with all lubricant types.. Waterproof. Requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately) and 1 12V battery (included).


Bunny Tail Beginner Silicone Butt Plug in Pink

$24.99 $12.00 Discount : 52%

Popping comfortably into place and positioning a cheeky ultra soft faux fur bunny tail between the cheeks, the playful Neon Bunny Tails Plug is absolutely perfect for beginners thanks to a tiny size and silky surface.

Penetrating super-smoothly, the plug’s tapered shape inserts with only the tiniest amount of stretch- it widens gradually toward the bottom where a nice sleek neck helps secure the fluffy pink puff into place. Like any good anal toy, a wider circular base helps prevent too-deep travels.

In ultra hygienic and hypoallergenic silicone, the Bunny Tail sanitizes easily and thoroughly for good clean fun. Wash well before and after use using warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. You will, of course, be using lots of lube with this toy, so be sure to choose a good quality water-based formula. Don’t be tempted to use silicone lubes- they can break down the material. On that note, it’s best to keep this (and any silicone toy) away from other silicone products.


Vulcan CyberSkin Realistic Vibrating Pussy Stroker

$37.99 $21.00 Discount : 44.7%

Tucked into ultra discreet, totally portable casing, the Realistic Vibrating Pussy features a ridiculously realistic texture inside, lots of sexy detail outside and optional single-speed vibration.

Pop the top of a sleek plastic canister to reveal a cream CyberSkin sleeve complete with a soft-lipped opening. Delve deep to feel a super-snug twisty texture created to mimic vaginal sex- the texture only adds to the already incredible sensation of plushy soft, temperature receptive CyberSkin.

Vibration comes courtesy of a powerful little bullet studded through the base. Activate to feel throbbing pleasure throughout.

In Topco’s signature TPR blend, the inner sleeve is removable for thorough, easy cleaning using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. CyberSkin needs to be dry before storage, which should be separate from other soft toy materials. Compatible with any great quality water based lube. Vibe requires 3 LR44 cell batteries (included).


Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Door Swing

$65.99 $40.00 Discount : 39%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Swing into positions you never though possible with the Fetish Fantasy Series Door Swing. This suspension tool is extra easy to use, and fully adjustable for a variety of positions, just hang it, adjust to the position you want to try, and hop in. All you need to do it drape the acrylic tubes over the top of an open door before closing and locking it to secure. Recommended maximum weight is 300 pounds. Be sure to read and follow the instructions for safe, satisfying fun. A blindfold mask is included.


Satisfyer 1 Next Generation Clitoral Stimulator Satisfyer

$69.98 $45.00 Discount : 36%

Even better designed to lavish lots of targeted stimulation on female sweet spots, the updated Satisfyer 1 Next Generation combines a strategically scooped silicone head with innovative contact-free pressure wave technology.

Angled ergonomically from a firm rosy gold handle, the Satisfyer 1’s silky little tip scoops and circles the clitoris. As opposed to same-old vibration, this stimulator employs subtle undulating suction and throbbing pressure that resonates deeply and extremely pleasurably. Aside from the toe-curling sensation that results from proper placement, the Satisfyer’s noise level drops dramatically when in perfect position over the clitoris.

A dedicated power button activates and varies 11 speeds of whisper-quiet operation. Newly redesigned with more manageable controls, the Satisfyer 1 features separate push buttons for increasing and decreasing intensity.

In body safe, ultra hygienic silicone and ABS plastic, the Satisfyer 1 cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Gently remove the circular treatment tip to cleanse thoroughly. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant- avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products. Requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately. Waterproof.


Classix Power Pump

$29.99 $20.00 Discount : 33%

The pump itself is classically designed, with a clear cylinder, soft rubber sleeve for comfort and air-tightness and a medical style pump bulb with safety release valve on the side of the cylinder. Once you’re completely inside the 7 1/2 inch tube, just put a finger over the air valve, squeeze the bulb to start up the suction, and watch yourself grow. When you’re done, just take your finger off the valve at the side, and the suction will release.


Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit

$110.00 $75.00 Discount : 32%

Combining seven iconic playthings created to inspire playfully dark fantasy fulfillment and explosive shared pleasure, the Dark Desire Kit hails from the luxurious official Fifty Shades of Grey collection. Conveniently gift-ready, this lusty set  will thrill fans of the sultry trilogy, particularly those of the bondage-curious variety.

Designed for both sexy soft spanking and more biting slaps, a classic satin paddle starts off the set. Featuring a smooth side and a textured opposite, the paddle’s long satin cord can be wrapped for playtime safekeeping.

Silky and secure, the included bondage rope can be wrapped and knotted around wrists ankles and more, as well as fashioned into more elaborate restraints. The ultra soft polyester material won’t pull at skin or hair and tends not to tangle. Set off the rope with a glossy length of bondage tape, another versatile restraint tool that can be used in a multitude of ways. The flexible tape sticks nonoily to itself and is extremely gentle to skin and fabric.

Next up is a classic bullet vibe, a familiar stimulator perfect for all sorts of pleasurable doings. The tiny size won’t interfere with couple play, and it’s great for solo enjoyment, too. Single speed vibration can be directed to clitoris, nipples, head of the penis and beyond. Vibe requires 3 LR44 cell batteries (included).

A petite butt plug shaped for comfortable penetration and effortless sweet-spot targeting is included in smooth, silky silicone. Slim at the angled tip, the plug gently stretches the anal opening to admit a supple silicone swell and slender neck.

Doing double duty as a wonderfully effective cock ring and vibrator shared equally between mates, the high end silicone vibrating love ring helps maintain his erection while effortlessly stimulating the clitoris or otherwise, depending on placement. Slip it over the base of the penis and position as desired.

Finally, a classic blindfold in soft satin waits to enhance the situation at hand. A must-have tool for playful couples like Ana and Christian, the blindfold adds exciting anticipation and an air of mystery to  to particular pleasure scenarios. Padded for comfort, this deep navy piece secures easily over the eyes using an elasticized strap. Fits most.


Vivid Raw Hot Ass Booty Masturbator in Pink

$59.99 $30.00 Discount : 50%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Featuring, aside from the amazingly snug, anatomically correct interior contained in an easily maneuvered stroker almost beyond belief in terms of its smooth, supple texture, the much anticipated Vivid Raw Hot Ass Booty includes two simple warming rods that quickly heat the supple Pure Skin to a feverishly erotic temperature. Presenting a soft-lipped opening leading the way to a tight ribbed chamber created to mimic anal sex perfectly, the Booty is extremely easy to hold in hand (yours or a playmate’s), ensuring the most precise stroking imaginable.

Of California Exotic Novelties’ signature Pure Skin material, the Hot Ass Booty offers a sensation like no other- the ultra smooth texture is pliably supple, stretching, clinging and retaining its sexy elasticity like real skin. Warming quickly to body heat with touch and play even without the warming rods, the Booty’s fantastic feel is only enhanced by a close-ended design that naturally builds up a toe-curling suction effect with each stroke. To heat the stroker dramatically, starting things off sexily sweaty, simply snap the metallic disc in each rod. Warmth will spread immediately- place into the slots located at the back end of the Hot Ass Booty to transfer that heat all along the inner canal. The rods can be reused- instructions are included.

As for cleaning, Pure Skin needs simply to be cleaned and dried well before storage, swish through some warm soapy water before laying somewhere safe to dry. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant with this stroker.
pack helps the environment


Mood Pleasure for Her

$29.99 $20.00 Discount : 33%

Lick, drip, rub, plump and explore with Doc Johnson’s Mood Pleasure for Her kit, a five piece sampler pack of stimulating liquids designed specifically to suit her moods and desired pleasures, be it during solo or shared play.

To start, this kit includes a delectable, berry flavored nipple gel, the Nipple Lick’ems, a tasty topical agent designed to stimulate the nipples and offer your lover an even sweeter treat than usual, comprised of an edible water-based formula that is non-staining and sugar-free. Following in tow is a stimulating clit gel with a similar effect; the Clit Gel is to be applied directly to the clitoris prior to foreplay or masturbation, and attracts bloodflow to the sensitive pleasure pea within a few minutes in order to enlarge and arouse it for easier and certainly more pleasurable stimulation.

Working further down the body, the next tube is a specially formulated G-Spot Gel that offers internal bliss of the best kind, arousing the g-spot with its awakening ingredients that also engorge the entire g-spot area for easier stimulation. To apply, you must insert this gel with a finger or two to ensure the best precision, coating the g-spot area in its sensitizing richness for optimal pleasure during intercourse and solo play. Similarly, the Vaginal Tightening Gel also works within the vaginal canal, this time creating an overall tighter feeling for her during penetration, allowing for stronger sensations and intimacy during sex. The final tube in this pleasure kit contains a watermelon flavored gel that can be poured over your lover for delicious love-making, body-wide, whether you decide to slowly release drops in strategic places, or get messy with a more carnal approach, your lover will be aching in desire as you kiss and lick it off.


Venus Butterfly Remote “G” Vibe

$70.00 $55.00 Discount : 21%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

A luscious pink take on a sweet-spot targeting favorite, CalExotic’s Remote Venus ‘G’ offers up lots of secretive (or not so secretive) pleasure in its newly strap-free design. Created to be worn hands-free in panties and just as easily held in hand, this silky butterfly stimulator boasts a soft shape snuggling against outer erotic zones plus a curvy g-spot angled probe buzzing away inside.

Its super-smooth backside able to be cupped in a palm or tucked under clothing for sneaky fun, this Venus can come along on adventures out on the town or on home turf. Slip in the super-smooth penetrator to position fluttery wings and a clitoris-massaging swell perfectly before powering up.

Twelve modes of throbbing vibration purr and pulse through the sexily swollen probe- a dramatic curve easily targets the orgasmic g-spot and sensitive surrounding area.

Powered by remote, the ‘G’ can be controlled from up to 32.5’/10m away, but it can also be easily activated using push buttons on the butterfly itself. Both remote and vibe are rechargeable via USB. A 70 minute full charge will provide up to 80 minutes of playtime.



X Rated Coupon Booklet

$19.99 $9.99 Discount : 50%

The Hugs ‘n Kisses X Rated Couples Coupon Book is a handy little voucher book to be used against sexual favors. Some things that can be redeemed include ‘I’ll do a slow strip, you give me the tip!,’ ‘a getaway weekend at some sleazy x-rated motel,’ ‘an x-rated video of your choice’ and more. Something for each of you! Great idea for a bachelorette party gift, or just something to spice up your night.


Sex Positions Bath Bomb

$15.00 $10.00 Discount : 33.3%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

A fizzy, sweetly scented bath bomb from Kheper Games, this tub-side ups the pleasure ante of bath time as it softens skin and aromatically arouses the senses. Hidden in each bomb are three little waterproof tags, each depicting a sex position. Indulge in a little foreplay as the bomb diffuses, then seek out the tags and copy the position. Assorted scents.


Jesse Jane Three-Way Stroker

$54.99 $35.00 Discount : 36%

All three of Jesse Jane’s ready holes come together in a fantasy-ready three pack inspired by the blonde temptress herself. No  matter what the mood, the Pussy, Ass and Mouth strokers are ready to satisfy the instant desire strikes.

Each small enough to tuck in a travel bag, briefcase or pocket for on-the-go stroking, the palm sized sleeves fits easily in hand, perfect for solo sessions or hand-job help. Grip the plushy exterior nice and tight to intensify sensation- each stroker features a unique textured interior engineered to mimic pussy, ass or mouth.  Open ended at the back, suction can be controlled by covering the small opening with a finger- this feature also makes for quick clean-up.

Jesse Jane’s Three-Way Strokers clean easily after playtime, rinse well using warm soapy water or use a good toy care fluid/foam. The plush TPR material is compatible with any great quality water-based lube. Store away from other soft toy materials.

John Holmes Realistic CockJohn Holmes Realistic Cock Out Of Stock

John Holmes Realistic Cock

$99.99 $75.00 Discount : 25%

Modeled after legendary adult film star John Holmes, this Realistics masterpiece perfectly recreates the famous cock. The coloring and detailing is incredibly realistic, with veins and lifelike balls. The base features a strong suction cup that allows you to attach him almost anywhere and use hands free. To make your experience even more real, included with your John Holmes cock is an autographed poster of the man himself and a small biography to help with the fantasy. Make no mistake, this cock is very large, so if you’re just starting out with dildos, you may want to have a look at our other Realistics toys for something similar in a smaller/thinner size, but novices, experts, and anyone who loves it huge will become instant fans of the John Holmes cock.


Satisfyer Men Suction Stroker

$79.98 $52.00 Discount : 35%

Their totally unique clitoral-targeting suction simulators have taken the world by sexy storm and now, with the brand new Men stoker, Satisfyer turns some very welcome attention on the penis.

Rocco Sifreddi, king of hardcore porn says that ‘after 1800 movies and 5000 women, I finally had my best orgasm’, so take that for whatever it’s worth! Seriously, the Satisfyer Men just might be poised to dominate the male sexy toy scene as completely as Rocco dominates on film.

Sporty and sleek, the Men sleeve comes tucked discreetly into black casing. Totally travel-ready, it doesn’t present as anything in particular, it could easily be a shower gel, shave kit or beverage holder. Inside the casing, a super-soft white sleeve waits to take its owner between supple lips. Past the lips, the Men swallows deep into a snug tunnel lined in a unique texture created to mimic a combination of vaginal and oral sex.

Impressive as is, the Men also features perfect inner pressure control and lots of variable suction. Blue lined pump tabs on either side of the casing just take a squeeze. Squeeze till the inner texture comes as close as it’s wanted- once there, it’ll stay snug till the little black release buttons above are pushed. Then, the Men will immediately revert back to its default tightness. For more or less section, twist the small cap at the base to control airflow inside.

In soft, body safe lifelike TPR, the Satisfyer Men’s inner sleeve pops easily out of the casing for thorough cleaning in warm sopay water or a good toy care fluid/foam. The quick in-out also allows for a sleeve warm up before use- soak in a little warm water for a few minutes before replacing in the casing and diving in. Warm up your lube too while you’re at it, and be sure it’s a good water-based formula. Dust the Satisfyer Men with a little pure cornstarch (do not use baby powder or talc) after cleaning to keep it super-soft.


Sphinx Warming Prostate Vibe in Black

$109.99 $50.00 Discount : 55%

Subtly rounded at the tip, the curvy Sphinx penetrates dramatically, swelling once more down a smooth shaft that curls upward to naturally fit the contours of the anal canal. Meanwhile, the soft pronged tickler rests along the underside of the testicles and perineum, tickling and teasing in tandem with inner vibration. Adding to the pleasures of precision stimulation, the Sphinx warms quickly at the touch of a button- the heat feature is optional and can be enjoyed with or without vibration.

Remote capable and also able to be controlled manually, the Sphinx is ultra versatile. USB rechargeable, this vibe powers up via an included cord and a free USB port (or compatible adapter). A long-life remote battery is included.

Body safe and ultra hygienic, the hypoallergenic Sphinx cleans thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant in combination, silicone lube formulas should be avoided. Not recommended for use in water.


Fetish Fantasy Series Do It Doggie Harness

$29.99 $22.00 Discount : 27%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

It’s no secret that ‘doggie’ style sex is a favorite for many men, it gives them lots of control over how deep and hard they can thrust not to mention a nice view. Ladies, if you’re not a big fan of this position, maybe it’s time to re-think. When your man is behind Having your man behind you thrusting forward and slightly upward is one of the best ways for him to hit the g-spot, which is located on the upper wall of the vagina. The Do It Doggie Harness is a soft, wide band that fits under your hips. Your partner holds it and you up with straps so he can be in full control your positioning and the depth of thrusting. An included black blindfold mask adds even more excitement to the experience. Enjoy!


Apollo Premium Girth Enhancer in Smoke

$29.99 $19.99 Discount : 33%
Introducing the innovative Premium Girth Enhancer from California Exotic Novelties’ male-centric Apollo collection, a stainless-steel supported enhancement tool for men and couples desiring to intensify their love making with extra girth, stamina and stimulation.

The 3.5 inch sleeve offers a skin-tight fit that will, with a bit of effort, stretch to fit most sizes, coating the shaft with an arousing layer of textured TPR complete with two semi-circle shaped stainless steel rings at the base. This supportive ring certainly aims to enhance his pleasure tool, grasping the shaft to maintain a harder, longer-lasting erection. Three nubbies are included externally, two on one side, and a single on the other, increasing stimulation and girth upon penetration for both him and her.

Made of body-safe thermoplastic rubber, this girth enhancer is hygienic and 100% phthalate-free, washing easily with a toy cleaner and a damp wash cloth. It is recommended to wash this sleeve before and after each use to maintain its premium quality. TPR is compatible with your choice of lube, be it water or silicone-based.


The Naughty Surprise Box (Retail $100 Value)

$100.00 $19.99 Discount : 80%
Rated 4.91 out of 5

This surprise box of sex toys valued at $100 or more!

A variety of products gives you the opportunity to try many things at an amazing price!

Box is available is Male, Female, FTM or Both



Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Doll

$4,000.00 $3,000.00 Discount : 25%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

The word ‘lifelike’ doesn’t even begin to describe this companion.

Much more than a doll, slender frame stands at just over 5 feet tall. A gorgeous face with supple lips and sexy green eyes comes topped with a flowing mane of blonde hair ready to be styled or tugged. Spectacular DD curves and sleek limbs wait for caressing, nibble dainty fingers and toes before discovering what else she has to share.


Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clamps

$49.99 $35.00 Discount : 30%

Take teasing to a whole new level with Vibrating Nipple Clamps from Pipedream. These no-nonsense rubber tipped clamps hold your nipples tight with adjustable tension. Once they’re in place, try out the 10 extra stimulating functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation that are packed into mini bullet vibes attached to the base of the clamps. Controlled with a petite handheld remote, you can take charge, or hand it off to your lover for some surprise sensation. Each clamp with vibe is 5 inches long.



$60.00 $35.00 Discount : 41.7%
Rated 5.00 out of 5


  • ​LENGTH: 9”
  • INSERTABLE: 7.5”
  • DIA: 2.2”


$24.00 $12.00 Discount : 50%

A luminous little vibe that instantly makes touch more magical and lots more pleasurable, the Frisky Fingers  is soft and and petite, consisting of a classic bullet wrapped in a textured silicone sleeve. The pointed tip is incredibly flexible and bent forward for precision stimulation, a stretchy loop on the back side slips securely over a finger, letting you (or your playmate) maneuver it in and around your sweet spots easily; you wont need to spend any effort on keeping a good grip.




The Naughty Subscription Box

$100.00 $25.00 / month Discount : 75%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Every month you will receive a variety of sex toys. This box gives you the opportunity to try new things every month! Boxes will value up to $100!!

You may cancel box at anytime by contacting customer service at customerservice@sexynights.shop

Subscription boxes are nonrefundable/returnable.


Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master

$50.00 $42.99 Discount : 14%
Rated 5.00 out of 5

To get into the most pleasurable positions, the Inflatable Position Master is a perfect choice; it’s a must-have for any adventurous couple. This big slanted pillow cushions the body, and provides support and leverage for the best sex. EZ Grip Luv handles on either side let you keep a strong hold so you can keep up the rhythm without tiring out, and a velvety flocked fabric keeps you from sliding around. The Position Master can be used with a variety of other Fetish Fantasy inflatables and also in combination with some of your favorite restraints and cuffs. It inflates quickly, and deflates equally fast for discreet storage. Holds up to 300 pounds.